Hey everyone! So I’m heading off to college soon, and I have a lot of nifty little things I want to give away to someone to obsess over in my absence. 

Included in the bundle:

  • For Emma, Forever Ago - Bon Iver vinyl 
  • The Earth is Not a Cold Dead Place - Explosions in the Sky vinyl
  • In the Aeroplane Over the Sea - Neutral Milk Hotel vinyl
  • Contra - Vampire Weekend vinyl
  • Torches - Foster the People vinyl
  • Coexist - the xx vinyl
  • Moleskine notebook x 2 
  • A fully functioning Polaroid camera

srsly. it’s like a hipster’s **wet dream**

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Must be following me (kawky). Come talk to me while you’re at it! Tell me about your day, send me your favorite poem, slam your head onto the keyboard and press send. Anything. I love meeting new people.

You have until September 15th. I’ll randomly pick one URL. I can ship worldwide via first-class pigeon.


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The Art of Man of Steel and World War Z GIVEAWAY!!!

Titan Publishing have generously bestowed upon me some awesome prizes for you guys so lets get to it.

Man of Steel: Inside the Legendary World of Superman - a unique companion book with concept art, behind-the-scenes photography, directors commentary and interviews.

The Official MoS Novelisation - by acclaimed tie-in writer, Greg Cox. ‘Nuff said.

World War Z: The Art of the Film - Features a wealth of stunning production art, design sketches and storyboards, alongside the full shooting script production.

The art books are simply stunning. Both have wonderfully textured covers, with the Man of Steel book also being a hardback edition. They are literally crammed with amazing production art and some truly fantastic insights into the making of both features.

The Art of WWZ is structured alot like a production diary, giving you detailed dissections of all the large set pieces from the movie, as well as the shooting script to compare and follow.

As you might expect, the Man of Steel book is nothing short of epic in every sense of the word. Containing beautiful art covering all the costumes, landscapes, vehicles, characters and production design. There’s also a fascinating in-depth look at the architecture and culture of Krypton. In short you need it.

If you’d like to be in with a chance at some of these goodie, Just reblog this post and your entered.

Two winners, one for the superman books and one for WWZ, will be selected via random.org one week from today on Thursday 4th July 2013.

Please make sure your ask box is open so I can contact you if your a lucky winner.

If you’d like to buy a copy for your self, they’re both available now from Titan PublishingHERE and HERE.

Concept art above by:

Man of Steel by Steve Jung, Peter Rubin & Christian Lorenz Scheure

WWZ Concept art by Kev Jenkins

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phree lamp parts

Let me know if you want ‘em.

I’ll take them, rsn: hargraves


phree lamp parts

Let me know if you want ‘em.

I’ll take them, rsn: hargraves

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anyone need a crobat? it feels like mt. moon in here!!

I’ll take one for free lol

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Pokemon card Giveaway!
2 Venipede
1 Whirlipede
1 Scolipede
1 Gastly
1 Haunter
1 Riolu
1 Lucario
1 Aron
1 Lairon
1 Mudkip
1 Marshtomp
1 Swampert
1 Blitzle
1 Zebstrika
1 hallo Machomp
1 Machoke
17 various energy cards
10 trainer/supporter/stadium cards
16 other Pokemon cards not pictured
2 more hallo Pokemon cards not pictured
Poke ball with Mystery Pokemon Plush inside for if you win and followed me before the giveaway started.
61 cards in all I may add extra cards in when winner is decided if they tell me their favorite type of Pokemon.

1. You must be following me to win
2. Only Reblog this once. If you Reblog more than once you will be disqualified.
3. You may like this post for a second entry
4. This will end April 1st.
Good luck everyone! If you are a giveaway blog meaning you only reblog giveaways you won’t win this giveaway! I’m sorry it’s not fair to everyone.

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Pokemon-photography Follower appreciation GIVEAWAY!!!

Prizes: Blastoise, Charizard , and Venusaur holos, Reshiram and Zekrom full art holo and Keldeo EX full art holo


-6 Winners will be chosen! Using Random.org

—Simply reblog this post to be entered.

-1st place gets first choice, 2nd place gets whatever is left and so on…..6th place gets last card not chosen

-You must have your ask box open and you must be willing to give me your address in case you win.

-Will ship internationally in an envelope and Toploader.

-Giveaway is open to anyone, and I will choose the winners sometime within 2 weeks time.

I would like to thank all of my followers for supporting my blog , and I wish to continue bringing you excellent posts.  I wish I could give you all prizes, but I’m poor.


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~* AxMuffins’ Crazy Ridiculous I Don’t Even Know Pokemon Card Civeaway!! *~

Hey Guys! So as most of you know, I’ve got a shitton of Pokemon Cards and I don’t want ANY OF THEM! And as such, I’m holding this Giveaway to give one lucky tumblr user a shitton of Pokemon Cards FOR FREE! Yes you heard that right, FREE! All free, totally free.

Included in this crazy ridiculous i dont even know giveaway are things as follows:

  • Between 80% to 90% of all my cards are 1st Generation cards.
  • The other 20% - 10% are Some other gens I don’t know, and like 3% of those are Pokemon World Championship 2004 cards. Those ones look like this:

aint it purty

  • LEGENDARIES! PROMOS! 1ST EDITIONS! Here’s a few of my legendaries to wet your mouth:

yay celebi

(That white mark is light reflecting off the plastic I promise)

  • Some fun Delta Species pokemon! I.E. the Fire Seadra, the Electric Charmander, Psychic Gloom, ect. :3
  • There are a small number of Japanese cards in my collection as well. Nothing too fancy though.
  • Trainers! Gyms! Energies! Fun combo colorless energies!
  • Holofoils!

ABOUT 90% of my cards are pristine, but you will find a few scraped and bent cards mixed in among the perfect ones. Like I’m pretty sure I have one card that’s been bent completely in half. But they’re few and far between.

The cards that’ve been pulled out and put into the row ARE NOT THE ONLY COOL CARDS IN THAT TYPE, I just pulled out a few cool ones to show off :P There’s more neat ones in there I promise~


Good question!

Here are the Rules and That Kind of Shit:

  1. ONLY REBLOGS COUNT! Likes will not be counted as an entry.
  2. You may reblog as many times are you want.
  3. You don’t have to be following me to enter
  4. YOU MUST BE WILLING TO GIVE ME YOUR ADDRESS. Srsly how can I give them to you without your address.
  5. IM ONLY SHIPPING TO THE UNITED STATES. Sorry guys, shipping is too expensive to send it elsewhere. :’)
  6. Winner will be decided with a random number generator.
  7. Your ask box has to be open, otherwise I can’t notify you if you win!

A winner will be decided on February 28th, so you better hop on it!

Good luck to everyone! :D

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Going to NYC to dorm for College and dad needs all my crap out of the house. It really stinks being an only child :(

Giving away all the cards except Charizard!

I’m getting some good offers on it on craigs list :)

Just like/reblog/follow this page and must be in the United States.

Leave inbox’s open!

& If you’re wondering, I got accepted to City College :)


Winner is chosen by random on random.org on April 5th 2012!

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